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Sunnyside Primary Academy


English is taught and supported by the wider curriculum .  All year groups plan together to allow for a more engaging and exciting curriculum, promoting enjoyment and enrichment of the subject. Objectives are taken from the National Curriculum providing focus and depth of learning.


A key aim of the curriculum is to ensure cross-curricular writing. Our purpose is for our pupils to:

  • Develop as confident writers who can write effectively for a variety of audiences and a range of purposes.
  • Interest and engage the reader through the use a wide vocabulary, sentence structures and phrases.
  • Enjoy the process of writing!
  • Apply spelling rules and strategies independently in their writing.
  • Write in a fluent and legible style through application of the Kinetic Handwriting scheme.
  • Apply accurately grammatical skills appropriately to a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts.

Through application of these areas of English, within the wider curriculum our pupils will be able to produce writing across all areas of learning: Science, History, Geography, Maths, Art … all areas!

Phonics and Reading

We use Letters and Sounds scheme for phonics across the school. All of our staff, including support staff, have had the full training to deliver the program successfully. At the end of each half term, pupils are assessed to ensure they receive a focused and appropriate delivery of the scheme.

We use the Collins Big Cat Reading scheme for guided reading which expertly meets the requirements of the new reading curriculum through engaging, stimulating and challenging texts. The teaching of reading is a key priority and as a school we have developed author corridors which celebrate the books of particular authors.  By established 'reading nooks' we aim to embed reading for pleasure across the school.

Each day the class enjoys listening to a class story  to help promote reading for pleasure.   Children are also required to read for ten to fifteen minutes a day at home as part of their weekly homework. Combined together these reading activities we endeavour to engage and encourage reading from all angles to support the development of reading within our pupils.

Support Your Child’s Reading – Click Here for Leaflet
Support Your Child’s Reading – Click Here for Presentation

Our Library 

 Reading is at the centre of learning and an exciting,  our stimulating library allows pupils to engage with reading in its simplest form – reading for enjoyment.   We hope that all our pupils enjoy visiting the library within their library time, or lunch time.  Have a look at our virtual tour to visit for yourself.


World Book Day 2020 - Coming Soon! - Thursday 5th March

This year our World Book Day is themed around our author corridors.