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Sunnyside Primary Academy



Reading is vital to the academic improvement of children in all areas of their education, not just reading ability; so the focus of our English homework is reading. Children should read for a minimum of 10 minutes each night, which studies say can make a child achieve 13 times better than a child who doesn’t read outside of school. We understand the pressures families are under to complete lengthy homework tasks, therefore by making the weekly homework for English a ten minute read with your child, it is more manageable and will have more of an impact on your child’s learning. All children have been provided with a new Reading Journal which they are to take home each night, along with their reading book, so you can record the reading you undertake. Your child’s class teacher will check the journal daily to make a note of the reading completed.


By the end of Year 4 children are expected to be able to recall and use multiplication facts and related division facts up to 12 x 12 (National Curriculum, 2014). Being able to recall times table facts and related division facts makes a huge difference to children’s application across the mathematics curriculum and beyond. We have registered with Times Table Rock Stars, an exciting online program designed to motivate and excite children to learn their times tables and related division facts. Class teachers set a schedule to personalise the multiplication and division facts each child needs to practise, this will be their weekly mathematics homework (from Year 1 onwards). Year 1 will alternate weekly with practising number facts (e.g. learning doubles, number bonds to 10 and 20).