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Sunnyside Primary Academy

PIT - Pastoral Inclusion Team

The PIT team members are Nicola Sayers, Laura Atkinson, Mandi Oliver, Rose Smith and Susan Marsh.  The Team meet formally on a half termly basis to discuss well-being of children, families and staff.  Families are welcome to drop in to speak to Mrs Atkinson or Mrs Marsh if they require support with well-being or attendance strategies.  We also offer food banks for families who are in need.

The Team are currently working with TaMHS  to gain accreditation for Children's Mental Health. The Team also work to provide the  PSHE curriculum,  and also organise the annual Careers Day.  


As a school, we recognise that at times all children and families require a little more support.  We offer a number of small group work shops for children who have gone through separation and loss, require friendship support or just need a drop in to make their day go a little smoother.

Children have great fun learning how to develop these skills through creative and exciting games. Although some games can be challenging at times, the children  work extremely hard to work together and grow in confidence.