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Sunnyside Primary Academy

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About Our Academy

On behalf of the children and staff of Sunnyside Primary Academy, I am delighted to welcome you to our school community. We are very proud of our Academy and are committed to continual improvement and achieving the best possible outcomes for our children. At Sunnyside Primary Academy we want our children to be happy, confident individuals with a passion for learning.

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Stars of the week
  • Moon - Brooke - For always working her hardest and doing her best

  • Sun - George - For fantastic writing and hard work this week

  • Mercury - Ilaria - For trying her hardest and persevering

  • Venus - Freddie - For completing his work well and starting his tasks straight away. Freddie has been kind to all and is very honest. He is enthusiastic with his learning and did extra at home. I am so proud of him

  • Earth - Danny - This week you have been a joy to teach. You have made the right choices, been ready to work and finishing tasks to the best of your ability. Your presentation and ideas for your twist on a traditional tale has been fantastic to see. Well Done, keep it up.

  • Mars - Maria - For always having a positive attitude towards her learning, shows consistent kindness to her peers and is an all round role model.

  • Jupiter - Mila - for super effort in all lessons, showing strength and aspiration to improve her spelling during the edit of her rescue story.

  • Saturn - Connor - Has been working hard on making the right choices this week. He has been trying hard in lessons and has been showing kindness to others.

  • Neptune - Ayaan - Positive attitude to learning and participation in class discussions and a willingness to give everything a go.

  • Uranus - Eleanor - So proud of her determination and showing responsibility for her learning in Maths

  • Year 5 & 6 - Enzo for applying himself so well to his work this week.

  • Year 5 & 6 - Stephanie for an amazing improvement in her presentation in Maths