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Sunnyside Primary Academy

Meet our Staff

Principal / DSL Lead

Mrs Nicola Sayers

Deputy Principal

Mrs Jackie Normanton 

Assistant Principal

Mrs Laura Atkinson


Mrs Rose Smith 

Learning Mentor / DSL

Mrs Oliver 

Attendance Officer / DSL

Mrs Earle

Foundation Stage

Class Teachers

The Sun Class - Miss Yasmin
The Moon Class - Miss Khanom 

Support Staff

Miss Banister
Mrs Marsh
Miss Pietrzak
Miss Betts

Class Teachers

The Mercury Class - Year 1 – Mrs Tearle
The Venus Class - Year 1 – Miss Lydon
The Earth Class - Year 2 – Mrs Cope
The Mars Class - Year 2 – Miss Sibley

Class Teachers

The Jupiter Class - Year 3 – Miss Shefford
The Saturn Class - Year 3 – Miss Asamani
The Uranus Class - Year 4 – Mrs Gamble
The Neptune Class - Year 4 – Mr Farthing
The Neil Armstrong Class - Year 5 – Mrs Denton / Mrs Hanwell
The Tim Peake Class - Year 6 - Miss Boonstra
The Helen Sharman Class - Year 6 - Miss Hume / Mrs Atkinson

Support Staff (whole School)

Mrs Wills - Cockram
Miss Franks
Mrs Dillon 
Miss Cope
Mrs Shatford
Mrs Atkins
Mrs Harrison
Mrs Oakenfull
Mrs L Thomason

Office Staff

Miss Scott
Mrs Coombs