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Sunnyside Primary Academy


English Curriculum Intent

At Sunnyside Primary Academy, we support children to speak, read and write fluently so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others so that they can fully engage within society in a variety of ways. Our thematic approach enables children to acquire a wide range of vocabulary and apply this in a variety of contexts whilst fostering a love of reading widely and often. 


We ensure achievement for all, recognising that we all learn differently and require different pedagogy. We strive to ensure that all pupils are enthused and engaged in their learning and that the fundamental tools are taught sequentially. 


Our children demonstrate perseverance by learning from their mistakes and striving to achieve even when something is difficult. Our robust and carefully structured English curriculum builds upon knowledge and skills over time, enabling children to practise regularly and challenge themselves to apply new learning independently.  


We encourage children to take responsibility for their learning and it is our responsibility to ensure that our progressive curriculum enables all learners to succeed. We actively encourage children to self-evaluate and set next steps. 


We promote aspiration by exposing our children to diverse, rich and varied literature which enables them to acquire a wide variety of vocabulary, knowledge and skills which they are then able to apply in school and as lifelong learners.